Cockatoo Heard Her Owners Argue. But It’s How She Reacted That Had Me Cracking Up! LOL!

Cockatoos are one of the most interesting creatures on earth. They are smart and intelligent and their ability to imitate sounds is quite extraordinary. The cockatoo featured in the video given below is very loud and silly, but she is adorable nonetheless. Peaches as she is called, can commendably imitate an arguing couple!

Peaches was formerly owned by a couple that was in the process of a divorce. This poor Moluccan Cockatoo must have witnessed some intense heated arguments, because she can now be seen impersonating an angry couple quite often.

Peaches even moves her head along dramatically from side to side as if aggressively pointing at the other person she is arguing with. Hopefully her new owners will be able to provide a peaceful environment for her and teach her some new, more loving behaviors. Sometimes I think bird owners, and other pet owners as well, don’t realize that their pets are just as affected by their actions as another human would be.

I can’t understand much of what Peaches is saying, but her actions speak louder than words anyway! Her feathers are definitely ruffled! The feathers on her head stand straight up, and her wings are spread as wide as they will go. She dips and bobs her head, depending on how heated this self-argument gets. It’s pretty amusing to watch, but kind of sad how she learned it.

Watch Peaches venting off her frustrations in the video below and let us know what you thought about this in the comments!

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