Cockatoo Hears Daddy Singing Famous Elvis Tune. I Cracked Up At His Reaction!

Animals love music. They get into the sounds, the rhythms, the singing… you name it. Sometimes cats, dogs, birds, and horses can dance better than their human counterparts. Yes, even their SOBER human counterparts. Then there are other times when the animal goes completely overboard grooving to the music. Yes, just like their human counterparts…. Take a look at the birds here in this video.

We see two cockatoos on a perch. Their daddy starts strumming a guitar and singing Elvis Presley’s “Don’t Be Cruel.” One of the two birds immediately starts rocking out, bobbing around, fanning his head feathers. It’s clear that he enjoys the music A LOT. This song is his jam. He could listen to this all day, if his daddy wasn’t at risk of having his hand fall off from playing too much.

When the cockatoo fans out his head feathers, the other one scoots to the other side of the perch in a “I don’t know this bird” way. He seems to trying to pretend that he’s actually not there. If we could see his thoughts, they would consist of “Don’t make eye contact with him. Don’t make eye contact with him. Don’t make eye contact with… Oh no.” It’s like hanging out at a bar with a friend who gets WAY too into the music after a few drinks.

It’s a cute scene that has probably played itself out several times before. The cockatoo on the right clearly loves music with a rhythm. Maybe the one on the left is more into ambient, atmospheric tunes. Who knows? They are clearly as different as night and day. They are still a couple of cute birds. Hopefully, they will make some other music videos – perhaps both of them will actually dance next time.

What a funny scene. Didn’t you love it? We’d like to hear your thoughts on it in the comments section below!