Cockatoo Hears His Owner Sing THIS Beyoncé Song. But The Moment He Joined In, I LOST It! OMG!

Beyoncé is probably one of the most popular artists in the world today. Her powerful vocals and her diva-esque attitude have won over many people. She is also an inspiration to numerous aspiring singers. And it looks like she is on her way to conquering the hearts of cockatoos as well! Just take a look at this adorable bird below!

This umbrella cockatoo is called Kiku. In this clip he sings “Halo” by Beyoncé. According to his owner, Kiku doesn’t like to sing by himself. He only sings when she sings. So you can hear his owner singing in the background of this video.

She also says that even though umbrella cockatoos are not as good a talker or singer like other parrots, Kiku does his best to hold a note. This is a persistent little bird and he gives it his best shot when trying to sing like Beyonce. When you see this cockatoo, you can see that he has quite a big personality for a bird that’s too shy to sing without his owner singing along.

His owner is a pretty good singer herself. At one point in the video, the bird seems to lose interest and pick up a snack, but as his owner sings, he once again begins to sing with her. Clearly these two have been practicing and fortunately for us, Kiku’s owner decided to share his talents with us.

Watch this adorable video below! Did this little cockatoo make you smile with his singing talents? Feel free to share what you think in the comments!

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