This Cockatoo Has A Killer Choreography For “Uptown Funk”!

Everyone feels like dancing when they hear great music! That’s the power of  this beautiful language that’s spoken in sounds, if you hear a groovy beat you’ll end up moving to it, you just can’t resist it! Even more, music is not only enjoyed by humans, almost every species has a reaction towards music. Especially if it’s catchy! Admit it how many of you have listened to “Uptown Funk” without at least tapping out the rhythm to the song with your fingers? Well this little cockatoo definitely loves this hit song, just wait until you see her reaction!

In this cute video, the adorable cockatoo starts dancing with so much enthusiasm o when she hears “Uptown Funk” come on the radio, that even I started to bob my head along with her! She clearly loves the song, letting out several appreciative sounds to highlight her choreography. This bird was never taught to dance, however she definitely feels her moves, kicking her feet and shaking her feathers to various parts of the song. This is really a precious video for any bird fan!

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