Cockatoo learns of vet outing, not happy, he throws a tantrum

Do you remember the first time you had to take your young children to the doctor? Kids can be a little difficult sometimes, especially when they need to go somewhere where they don’t want to go. The little tantrums that are thrown as you try to get them into the car can be traumatic for both parent and child.
You arrive at the doctors, then the fun really begins. ……NO I DON”T WANT TO….screams the little one, fear in their eyes….But you have to darling…..It will be ok….I Promise……NO, I DON’T CARE…..I’M NOT GOING…….I used to hate taking my kids to the doctors. I felt so bad, but I knew that it was important and that it just had to be done.

The feeling of uselessness comes across you as you lead your baby into the surgery. You just want to turn around and go home, but you can’t, part of parenting is protecting your children, not only form the dangers of the world, but also from sickness.

My wife and I were once in a shopping mall with our youngest. We were walking along, just window shopping, my wife was holding our sons hand when he tripped and fell awkwardly. There was not a tear seen, but we knew something was not quite right, he just went silent, and a little pale. “Are you OK”? I asked him, but was met with silence. Now our youngest was never a quiet kid, so we knew something was amiss.

Off to the hospital we went. When we got there he didn’t want to go in, so we had to persuade him with a little bribe. “If you see the nice doctor now, I will get you an ice-cream cone” this seemed to have worked so into the hospital we go, and wait for our turn to be seen. The doctor that came was a nice young lady, and our son warmed to her straight away. It turned out that he had dislocated his elbow, you can only imagine how guilty we both felt on getting the news, but once back in place he was off running round as if nothing had happened.

Now, as you will see in the video below, it’s not just children that don’t like visiting the doctor. Max, the Cockatoo, is adamant that he is going nowhere when his owner tells him to get into his carry-case. It seems that Max is no fool, he knows that every time he is put into the case it means that he is off to the vets, a proposition that he is not very keen on. Max starts to throw a little tantrum as his owner tries to coax him out of his hiding spot. He rants and raves, flaps his wings and literally screams what I assume are some choice words at his owner in complete defiance.

Click on the link below and enjoy the antics of this determined little bird.