Cockatoo Lets Out A BIG Fart. But His Next Move? ROFL, I Didn’t See That Coming!

Cockatoos are an amazing species. They are very smart and they are also incredibly social. Cockatoos can entertain their owner for hours on end. They can not only imitate human speech, but they can also mimic some other sounds. Take for instance the video below given below! This hilarious cockatoo is going to crack you up for sure!

These owners wanted to record their cockatoo on camera performing some other tricks that he knows how to do, but when the camera started rolling, things took a different turn than they expected.  Apparently their cockatoo is quite the comedian and he seems to understand what a camera is. He refused to cooperate and this video shows what his owners ended up with.

Even though it is not what his owners wanted him to do, the hilarious result is definitely YouTube worthy. This practical joker of a bird bird looks directly into the camera and starts to fart. A big, loud, obnoxious fart! But, before I mislead you, I must explain that birds actually don’t fart, so this cockatoo definitely made that sound from his mouth.

But this bird’s antics weren’t quite over yet. He knew just how to make an exit while he was still on top of his game. Despite it being a fake fart, the cockatoo didn’t stay back to take the blame! He exited stage left like a superstar!

Now I’m left wondering who he learned this particular skill from? I’m betting it wasn’t his mom…

Watch this funny clip below! Did this crack you up? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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