Cockatoo Loses His Temper At His Owner, And What He Does Next? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

We have seen lots of cockatoo videos on the Internet, but we still come back for more. They are really hilarious, and not to mention, very interesting as well. One reason they are interesting is because of their sassy attitude. You never know what to expect of these adorable birdies! The video below features a hilarious cockatoo that is going to crack you up with his murderous rage!

This umbrella cockatoo seems to be furious at his owner for one reason or the other. But the way he vents out his frustration is hysterical, to be honest. He is clearly putting a show and is a happy, healthy bird. Perhaps he’s just having a bad day.

He is probably not very angry, but when you see this clip, you will definitely be laughing at his expense. His owner says he might look mad in the video, but he is still a very happy bird. In this clip, the longer feathers on his head are standing straight up and his wings are spread, as he tries to make himself look as big as possible. Maybe he’s defending himself against some imaginary force in the kitchen.

He is squawking and tilting his head in a most adorable way, which makes it really hard not to laugh at him. This bird also gives up on his tirade at one point, walking up to his owner and trying to crawl up in his lap and cuddle.

Watch this furious bird below! What do you think made him lose his temper? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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