Cockatoo Snitches On Family Cat, Hilarity Ensues!

People usually prefer dogs and cats as their pets, but many of us love birds. Birds are not only beautiful, but they also provide good company.

Parrots are probably the most famous species of birds around the world. There are roughly around 393 species of them. Cockatoo is one of the more popular species people like to have as pets. These beautiful creatures are a blast to have around. Take this video for instance!

The cute little bird featured in the clip is named Max. He is a salmon-crested cockatoo who doesn’t know when to stop talking! Just look at how much he can chatter on! In this video, Max tells his dad how the resident cat, Angel, has been telling him stories when he is at work.

According to the owner, his cats try to get his cockatoo in trouble. When he tries to talk to Max about not listening to the cats, Max gets really close to the camera and starts to whisper. I couldn’t believe it! He looks like he’s telling his dad a secret. He’s so expressive with his head tilt and his gestures.

Whispering isn’t all Max can do. He starts using a completely different voice than he did at the beginning of the clip. He’s amazing. What an entertainer! Now if only dad can teach him to stop listening to the cats before they get him into trouble. Maybe dad needs to take a sick day from work and find out what’s going on.

Watch this adorable video below! Did Max crack you up as well? Feel free to share what you think in the comments!

Cockatoo Snitches On Family Cat, Hilarity Ensues!