This Cockatoo Is A Talker, But Wait Till You See Who The Bird’s Talking To! LOL!

Disaster has befallen this household and the animals under the same roof urgently came together to see about the next order of business. The leader is an Umbrella cockatoo and he’s doing all the talking to the three adult cats gathered before him.

The problem they are facing is the humans have been gone a long time. They don’t know exactly how long because animals are not good at telling time, they just know that they haven’t eaten in a while. It doesn’t matter if it’s been days or hours, they’re just hungry.

The plan, as the cockatoo explained, is to get out of the house via the fireplace and the chimney. The cockatoo knows he can do it, the cats are not so sure. Two of them are confident, so the cockatoo told them to let the third one go first and then they can follow closely behind and push him along.

After they get out in the open, the cockatoo will survey the area from the air. Specifically, he’ll be looking for small animals for the cats to hunt, such as chipmunk or toads. As the leader, the cockatoo wants to make sure he gets the best parts of the meal, which are the innards. He has to make sure the cats wouldn’t eat what they caught right away.

This video shows the end of the conversation, at the point when the cockatoo repeatedly reminds the cats that they must bring their preys back to the front lawn, or risk getting eaten by the neighbor’s dog. The front yard is lighted so they’ll be able to see the dog from far away.

Isn’t this a cute gathering of cats and bird? If you’re a cat owner, do your cats pay this much attention to you when you speak in their language? You can share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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