Cockatoo Turns In The Cat To His Owner. What He Says Is What Cracked Me Up!

People seem to really be drawn to dogs and cats as their pets, but there are plenty out there that love their birds. Birds are not only beautiful, they are also great companions. Parrots are probably the most familiar species of birds as pets around the world. Cockatoo is one of the more popular species among parrots that people enjoy connecting with in their homes. These gorgeous animals are so much fun to have around.

The cute little bird seen here is Max. This is a great example of a salmon crested cockatoo that doesn’t ever zip his lip! Just look at how much he can talk on and on! In this video, Max tells his dad about how the pet feline, Angel, has been telling him stories when he is out at work for the day.

According to the owner, his cats will also try to get his cockatoo in trouble. When he asks Max about not listening to the cats, Max gets very secretive indeed and you can hear him whisper. His expressive tilt of the head is what really gets me here and just look at how sneaky he looks as he rats out his friends!

This isn’t all that Max can manage to do. He really turns on the character by using a different voice than he did when the video started. Dad only needs to teach Max to stop listening to the cats before they get him into trouble. Dad could use a day off or maybe a hidden camera to see what goes on when he’s out of the house.

Check out this very funny bird below and see what you think of Max. As always leave a comment and let us know what you think as well as share the video with friends and family.

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