Cocker Spaniel Gets Stuck In Deep Pipe Underground. The Rescue Effort Is Extraordinary.

Much like young children, dogs can have a BAD tendency to disappear if you take your eye off them for too long. It’s a terrible feeling to do something like quickly look in a bag or answer a question from someone and then turn around and see… nothing. A sudden knot will form in your stomach while you frantically look around. Time can slow to a crawl as you search. The woman in this video knows that feeling well.

It all started when a woman named Karen was walking her cocker spaniel, Jazz. She was at the Invermark Estate in England. At one point, Jazz wandered off and disappeared. It was like she teleported somewhere. There was NO sign of her. After a bit of searching, people realized that there was barking coming from the ground. Jazz had fallen into a pipe. Fortunately, there were men from the Angus Glens Moorland Group and they were all fit and willing to lend a hand getting the pooch out.

I know that this was a SUPER serious time with all the people trying to rescue Jazz and prevent any harm coming to her. Still, there was one picture that just makes me snort every time that I see it. One of the men is so deep down in the hole that only his legs are shown. There’s just something so incongruous about that sight that it looks like someone just Photoshopped those legs there like that as a joke.

Fortunately, Jazz was successfully extricated from the pipe and aside from being a muddy mess, she was unharmed. I hope that none of the men from the Invermark Estate had their clothes too permanently sullied, since they probably spend more on a pair of pants than I would spend on a week’s worth of food. Whatever their status, they did a good deed for this cocker spaniel and that’s all that matters.

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