The cold winter freezes a homeless cat, but his life would be spared!

Dogs and cats have naturally evolved to be around men. From ancient times the people coexisted with these creatures in order to work together and defend themselves against their natural predators. After a certain period of time, humans changed great part of the environment by adapting it to his current needs, the relationship with these animals evolved to become the reality we know at the present day.

As it was expected, the number of these animals grew exponentially. It got to the point where it got out of hand and became an overpopulation problem. The main reason for this issue is related to the freeing of the animals when they surpass the capacity of the owner of taking care of them, leaving them with no place to go and wandering on many streets in the cities.

Despite the fact that they possess the ability to survive; when they are free in these surroundings, they face a new world full threats and dangerous situations that are not that easily overcome. Some of the dogs will have to struggle continuously to find something to eat and cats will need to find both shelter and food to protect themselves against other predators. Besides these few obstacles, there is another important barrier they must surpass, the wrath of the elements or in this case, winter.

If they are not well protected, cold winds and freezing temperatures could be lethal for these pets. The weather conditions have gotten even worse due to the effects of global warming. This resulted in an extreme environment with peaks of temperature several degrees below zero, just enough to make them shiver, breathe slowly, diminish their pulse and finally lead to heart failure.

Like other species, these animals are specifically designed to be agile and very cautious, so this is why they tend to be hidden from people. Nobody notices that these abandoned pets are out there. So, when the snow starts falling, if they don’t find a safe place, they usually pass away. Several of these animals have been found under the snow, frozen from the cold temperatures.

Most of the people don’t really care about what happen to these creatures, but sometimes a good Samaritan provides unconditional support to them. Such is the case of one man that decided to help a kitty cat from a certain death in the snow; the man found the cat sitting on the porch almost without vital signs and movement.

The man took the cat inside and gave him a warm bath for several minutes. When he was finished he surrounded him with fresh towels in order to increase his body temperature. After a while, the cat opened his eyes and started to show signs of being alive in response to the man’s voice. It took almost 6 hours for the cat to recover completely. Thanks to the noble gesture of this man, an innocent cat survived, and the day was saved.

Press play on the video below and watch a short recap of the story made by this kind gentleman.