College Counselor Gets Golden Buzzer From Spine-Tingling Spoken Word Performance on America’s Got Talent

The vast stage of America’s Got Talen has seen a variety of different acts throughout the years. There have been jaw-dropping dance routines, show-stopping magic acts, and Grammy-worthy musician artists. One thing there hasn’t been until now is a spoken word performance.

Brandon Leake is a school counselor, new father, and young man with enough life experience to fill a novel. The Stockton, California-native is ready to show the world that he was created to create, and nothing is going to stand in his way.

America’s Got Talen judge Simon Cowell expressed that he doesn’t understand poetry, and Brandon is excited to show him why it’s so beautiful. He gave a fantastic tribute to his sister’s life with an extraordinary poem about how he dealt with her death.

The raw emotion came through with every word he spoke. The judges were left practically speechless, but Howie Mandel had to show him how much the performance affected him. With no other choice, he slammed down the golden buzzer and changed Brandon’s life from there on out.