Colorado Senior Fitness Park Supplies Right Tools To Stay Active

As one grows older, the process can lead to a number of afflictions, and not all are purely physical. Depression, lethargy, anxiety, loneliness, a lack of social interaction, and poor general happiness can all be overcome by building something that we’re all very familiar with. Playgrounds for the elderly may sound like a strange idea at first but take a closer look at this park in Colorado, and you’ll soon see why seniors need innovation like this.

Seniors are encouraged to keep active, with the multigenerational park providing a range of fitness machines and fixtures that are not only healthy to use but fun as well. They’ve got all types of equipment shown here in this CBS Denver 2018 video, including high-end hardware like a rowing machine, leg press, and various types of cardio equipment scattered throughout the grounds.

The senior outdoor park at Greenwood Village, Colorado, provided the perfect environment to stay active. Good health and fitness go hand in hand, and here you can find volunteers and staff ready to help with supporting seniors. With trainers ready and so many different types of equipment to pick from fitness is indeed made fun.