Colorful Memories of the 1950s That Bring The Past Back To Life

The 1950s in color is a nostalgic look at pictures featuring people, cars, and locations from America. The stunning images will take you down memory lane. The journey begins on Jones Street in the Fisherman’s Wharf section of San Francisco.

Other pictures take us to Michigan Avenue, Chicago, in 1953, and Palmyra, Wisconsin in 1951, along the Scuppernong River. There’s even a picture to remind us of the historic Ringling Brothers Circus from 1951.

The iconic circus was billed as ‘The Greatest Show on Earth.’ It was created by the legendary P.T. Barnum. Great photos are also included from Henderson Point, Mississippi, and Blue Earth, Minnesota.

So many classic cars are featured with women sitting on the hoods and roofs. There are parade images of people viewing by the roadside and even a couple’s wedding day. Some boys are playing in a local creek.

President Eisenhower visits Kansas in 1953 in a fantastic colorized image. There are images of housewives and people entering department stores. Another compelling shot features crowds welcoming home Korean War Veterans in 1953.

Pictures from Halloween in 1958 are shown, as well as the historic Times Square, New York City, from the same year. The Budweiser Clydesdales are featured in a shot from Maine in 1955.

The fabulous pictures show ’50s life up close and personal. There’s even a guy preparing for a date. It is a wonderful look back at a historic time in America through these vibrant, colorized pictures.

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Colorful Memories of the 1950s That Bring The Past Back To Life