Colorized 1958 American Bandstand Chordettes singing “Sandman” is a dream

American Bandstand always featured the best musical numbers of the day. In this rare colorized footage of an episode from 1958, the Chordettes captivate the audience with their magical voices.

Dick Clark starts off the introduction seated in the best bird’s eye view seats of the program. He greets the eager audience and announces to the folks at home the next performer of the evening.

The sensational quartet the Chordettes debuted their new hit song “Lollipop” for the waiting crowd. Looking like sugary confections themselves, the ladies were a treat for the eyes and ears.

The Chordettes

In perfect harmony, they waltzed the front of the stage to receive love from the audience. While singing their delicious new song, they tossed candy lollipops to the dazzled crowd.

When their number was finished, their fans stood up and cheered themselves hoarsely. Dick Clark talked with the four lovely ladies about their huge success as a popular musical group.

The Chordettes

He listed off some of their other hit songs, including “Mr. Sandman,” which had sold over one million copies. As a special treat for the audience, the Chordettes sang this beloved song too.

The crowd was swept up in the barbershop quartet beat. Even Dick Clark himself chimed into the song. What an amazing bit of footage to recover from such a great program!

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