Emotional Father-and-Son Christmas Commercial Touches Hearts With a Song That Strike a Chord

Christmas Heartwarming We all love the sights and smells of Christmastime, that wonderful time of year when we gather around the people we love and share the special joy and companionship that is the spirit of Christmas.

Our streets and houses, too, are decked out to celebrate the season. Everywhere is the warm smell of Christmas treats being baked, as you look forward to the laughter and the feasting!

Christmas Heartwarming CommercialEven the commercials released by big corporations during the holiday season spread the blessings of Christmas. They too know how important Christmas traditions are in the hearts and minds of families.

Every year they create sentimental commercials to beam Christmas cheer into our homes and help us remember the Reason for the season, and of course, to celebrate giving to others.

One commercial, created by the French telecom company Bouygues, has to be one of the most touching adverts ever shown. Its gentle tug on your heart-strings is so successful because surely all of us can relate to the story in a very personal way. Viewers are going back to the adorable commercial to view it repeatedly, it strikes such a human chord with so many.

The commercial’s message encourages families to keep in touch at this special time, to share and reaffirm how much we all mean to each other and how much we care.

It shows an ordinary family with a father and son’s relationship flourishing over the years as the boy grows up and the lovely way the grown-up son keeps the strong ties alive into his adulthood and his father’s old age. But the ending? I’ll let you watch to see for yourself.

Please be sure to share this feel-good commercial with your friends and family because the message is timeless.