Comedian Jeff Allen explains the ‘Wife’s Code’ in the most hilarious way possible

Jeff Allen knows what it takes to stay happy in a marriage. His stand-up routine covers many of the hidden secrets of being a husband.

Jim Gaffigan has made a career out of clean comedy. His legendary wit is unmatched, and he is living proof that you can be funny and family-friendly. Dry Bar Comedy ran with the same vision to give fans access to geniuses like Jeff Allen.

Have you heard of the wife code? According to Allen, men need to read the room when it comes to communication.

Allen goes on to explain how small tells from your wife could be the difference between having a good day or a bad day. In short, a wife is the butterfly effect of marriage. Understanding her feelings will grant you peace and long life.

The set was funny, and never went off the deep end. Relationships are a common topic in comedy, even when the comedian is working blue. With Allen, it was nice to hear a new perspective on marriage that shines a light on the importance of communication.

Dry Bar Comedy is one of the most popular channels on YouTube. They are an original series created by VidAngel, a well-known family-friendly streaming website. Jeff Allen is one of many important comedians on their growing roster of popular acts.