Comforting Maltese Dog Halts The Cries Of Precious Baby. How Darling!

There are times where we desperately can’t handle life. Usually when we are younger and unable to control ourselves, our emotions or our frustrations. Everything is so new and fresh, everything seems to be reacting as we discover it for the first time. We may need attention, we may have soiled ourselves, or even worse- we may be in trouble. We may need love, or praise or just attention. That’s when it all starts- the cries and wails. The screams of outrage and frustration and discomfort that send most parents briskly to the baby’s room. Luckily, this hilariously cute moment shows that sometimes dogs have as much of an effect at soothing the sounds of outrage from the small little precious babes.

The Maltese, in this particular story, seems to have parenting down pat. Well, okay, maybe not down pat, but certainly offers a different approach to the wails of a baby who wants attention. The hound attempts something that most don’t. Instead of comforting and showering the baby with love and unconditional praise, he attempts to cancel out the cries. He tries to help mom and dad know that it may be time to come in, by sort of boosting the young babies sound. The Maltese lets lose the most pained howls right as the baby is about to cry. The results are undeniable- the baby’s wails were quickly silenced by the quick thinking of this precious little white dog.

What did you think? I’m on the fence. I think if the pooch was pointing out that the baby was just trying to get attention, then it was the right action. Otherwise, he must’ve been helping mom and dad notice that the baby needed attention. We’d love to hear your take on the Maltese’s approach. Please leave us a “Like” on Facebook, share this video with a fellow parent, friend or family member and get a laugh out of them, and don’t forget to leave your feelings and thoughts in the comment section below. We appreciate you. Thank you.

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