Comical responses from “cat haters” when they hold a kitten for the first time.

Cat haters meet cats for the first time

A group of individuals was invited who had no experience of cats and really hated them. These people don’t like cats because they think they would be nice for a minute and then suddenly come out and bite or scratch them. In addition, these individuals are scared of the cat’s hiss.

Some individuals just don’t like cats because they have never petted a cat. They just have a feeling that they don’t like them. Others feel that cats dislike them, and hence they don’t want cats either.

Some people from the invited group even though that cat claws were creepy and hurt pretty severely. So, an experiment was conducted where these cat haters had the experience of meeting kittens for the first time.

Cat haters meet cats for the first time

The kittens were placed in a closed cardboard box and brought in front of all the individuals. The first reaction when these people saw the kittens was hilarious. One person was shocked when they looked inside while the other was scared.

One of the women thought that kittens would not have been happy in the closed box. This obviously proved she was not into cats and knew nothing about them. While some people in the group thought the kittens to be cute.

This group of individuals had no idea how to pet cats and had no clue how to play with them. However, they were given toys that cats usually like and were asked to play with the adorable kittens.

This was a unique experience for all the individuals. They could be close to cats and started to understand that cats were actually quite adorable. They liked being with them. In the end, most of the individuals had their mindset changed about these innocent animals.

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