Comingling Can Be Very Important. When A Rottweiler Meets A Tiny Rotti & A Husky Pup? AWW!

Being different or finding a new friend who is different is really an amazing and great adventure that life has to offer. There are many animals and species out there in the world and it’s important to try to get to know some of them. I know that puppies certainly can be precious, even when it comes to these amazing cute new best friends forever.

Two Husky’s meet a Rottweiler face to face, but the size really doesn’t seem to bother any of them. The Husky’s seem a bit put off at first, probably because they are used to being the biggest animal in their habitat. Yet, this massive Rottweiler is completely complacent and friendly the entire time. When other dogs seem to crowd around. The most hilarious baby sitter of these other tiny hounds shows his lovable and well trained nature.

It seems as those this big service dog has the most amazingly precious little entourage following him about. When a Rottweiler meets a tiny little puppy version of himself, it seems as though the poor little guy is scared half to death. After a little bit of coaxing and calming, the little guy is no longer worried to much about the massive beast that stand curious before him. Such a well-trained hound, full of manners and love. By the end of the this, even the tiniest little Rottweiler seems to be overly curious about Brutus. I simply couldn’t get over the size difference!

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