Compassionate Teacher Delivers Lunch To Forty Hungry Students On Foot

If the pupils can’t make it to lunch, then deputy head Mr. Powles is bringing lunch to his students. Forty percent of this teacher’s students rely on their school for meals, but now that Western Primary School is closed along with most bodies of education around the world, Zane Powles of Grimsby is taking it upon himself to feed them.

This caring teacher delivers the lunches by foot, which include a large potato for the family to bake each day, loaded in military fashion. His daily delivery route spans over five miles long, making it quite fortunate that Zane was once in the armed forces, and is currently an active triathlete. The kids can’t wait to uncover the tasty, healthy surprises that wait each day.

Once you see the appreciation on these kids’ faces and their excitement as they unpackage their lunch deliveries, you’ll have all-new respect and love for Zane Powles. His community spirit is second to none, going on a non-stop one-man mission to feed all of the most vulnerable pupils in his school now that it’s closed for quarantine. The kids are so grateful for the food that many draw him pictures, while others have even prepared a speech.