This Compilation Of Guilty Dog Videos Will Make You Crack Up! Awww!

As a pet owner, every time I leave my pet alone I get a really complicated feeling because I obviously love my furry friend to death and I do not want to leave him alone; also, I know that my cat feels anxious alone and that I will probably come back to a mess. Dogs are also notorious for getting up into no good when left to their devices; they are quite sensitive and attached to their owners usually so it is understandable.

The video below shows you a dog owner’s worst nightmare. It’s a funny compilation video that features guilty pooches who are caught red-handed by their owners.Dogs are naturally curious animals, and they can get carried away by their curiosity. In the video, you will see a dog who demolishes a plate of cookies meant for the family, amongst other irreverent pups.

When their owners catch them at the crime scene, these dogs give the cutest puppy face you will ever see. Watch how the owners react in the adorable and hilarious clip below, do you think that they’ll tell off their pets? I know that sometimes I can’t!

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