Concerned Mother With One Of The World’s Longest Necks Anxious To Make Sure Newborn Is Okay

Going by their looks, giraffes are one of nature’s follies. But there’s method to the madness. With their long legs and even longer necks, they can reach up into the trees and grab mouthfuls of delicious leaves to munch on. Giraffes are the tallest animals on earth: the tallest on record measured over 19 feet from his hooves to the tip of his horns. Several species of giraffe exist, all of them found in sub-Saharan Africa. Due to human and environmental pressures, all species of giraffe are endangered.

People have long been fascinated by these highly unusual creatures. We know from surviving artwork that the ancient Egyptians imported giraffes. The ancient Greeks and Romans couldn’t resist them, either. In the days of the Ming Dynasty, a giraffe was even brought all the way to China! Today, modern zoos provide safe homes for individual giraffes and also help to raise public awareness about these magnificent but endangered animals. And so you can bet the Memphis Zoo was proud to announce that giraffes Marilyn and Kenya had become parents!

We’ve posted the video below so you can see the miracle of life as it happens. Be aware that the video shows the entire birthing process.

Visitors at the zoo gather to watch as the baby giraffe drops to the ground and, for a few nerve-wracking seconds, lays there unmoving. Marilyn, the new mom, shows obvious concern for her newborn. She bends her long neck down and gives her baby a few gentle nudges. Moments later, the baby giraffe stirs and then raises its head and looks around. Before long, the newest resident of the zoo is nuzzling mother’s leg while trying to stand up for the very first time.

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