He Confronts His Son About A Missing Cupcake. His Toddler’s Reaction? I’m Dying! LOL!

A new video is taking the internet by storm, and like so many others this one features a hilarious toddler, along with a parent behind the camera struggling not to laugh. Poor little Jack is being interrogated by his father, who refuses to stop asking him, “Did you eat a cupcake?”

Jack might have gotten away with it if the evidence was so obvious, but of course that wouldn’t make for something this cute!

Blue frosting is coating Jack’s lips, mouth and pretty much his whole face when dad starts to ask the key question. Jack’s dad David Koenig started recording as he asked his son about the cupcake, obviously knowing the answer.

To his surprise, little Jack holds firm, completely denying any cupcake consumption – a blue-faced lie.

“No, no!” Jack responds. “I was at home.”

His father just keeps trying to get little Jack to admit to eating a cupcake but the boy just won’t give in! Why is he so secretive about his cupcakes? They are delicious and everyone loves them.

Along with the video, David posted the message, “They were giving out free blue cupcakes in honor of the New York Giants, still not sure if my little boy managed to get himself one.”

This mystery is certainly one for the ages! What do you think about this little Giants fan?

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