Choir mimics thunderstorm using just their hands, but when they start to sing? HEAVENLY!

Angel City Chorale is the name of the choir featured in the video we have for you today. It’s a non-profit, Los Angeles based choir that aspires to entertain and work for the benefit of the city through singing and volunteering.

Most recently, this amazing singing charity has been featured on America’s Got Talent and is currently in the running.

In the clip, you can see what is probably their most incredible performance yet. They gave a classic rock song a new spin and an amazing finger-snapping intro. But do be prepared to choke back tears when you watch the video because their execution is out of this world.

You’ll be completely amazed when you hear this cover version of the song “Africa”, originally from the American soft rock band Toto, from the mid-80’s. They gave the song their own style, and the result is truly remarkable.

Angel City Chorale is led by Sue Fink, who works as its artistic director; and it features great soloists such as Tina Mitro, Tommy Lamb, Rich Kennedy, and Duff Watrous. You might want to get a napkin when you watch this clip!

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Get ready to be amazed. You can watch this choir’s incredible performance in the video below and give them your review: What did it make you feel? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.