Connie Francis’ voice soars on ‘I’ll Get By’ on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’

This clip features the fantastic Connie Francis singing on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ in 1962. She is a legendary female vocalist, and this performance shines with her brilliant voice.

Connie Francis

The black and white footage gives us Connie in an evening gown and a bow in her hair. The background is entirely black, but Connie brightens the stage with her smile and presence.

Verse 1 begins with a soft piano and Connie’s voice singing in a softer tone. As verse 2 kicks in, the band builds by adding horn hits and drums, and it becomes reminiscent of a Frank Sinatra backing orchestra.

Connie Francis

She is singing the classic love song, ‘I’ll Get By (As Long As I Have You).’ Connie delivers the ballad in a convincing performance. She became famous with her pop hits, ‘Who’s Sorry Now,’ and ‘Stupid Cupid.’

While Connie was known for her pop songs, she is just as comfortable singing jazz, as evident in this performance. Her voice soars on the high notes as she raises her arms with each lift.

Connie Francis

She brings it home with a big ending, hitting all the notes with her hand over her heart. Her last note is held with power as her arms are extended in front of her. She blows a kiss to the audience and gives them a big smile.

Connie’s biggest success was in the 50s and early 60s, and she remains an iconic female vocalist. Her voice encapsulates an era of music that transports the listener back in time. This is a fabulous example of the great Connie Francis.

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