This considerate puppy doesn’t want to wake the kittens, so watch what she does instead!

Cats and dogs are notorious for not getting along. The expression “fighting like cats and dogs” is a cliche but it has a lot of truth to it: cats and dogs really do seem to be natural antagonists. It may be a clash of personalities. Dogs are pack animals, always eager to please the leader of the pack. If that’s a human, no problem! Cats are very different. They’re loners with absolutely no desire to follow any leader. Of course, this means that if a cat is being affectionate with you, it’s being completely sincere.

Can cats and dogs be persuaded to get along? Yes, but it requires a lot of human-supervised socialization and the younger you start them off, the better.

In the video posted below, you’ll see an adorable fuzzy little fur ball of a puppy who managed to make friends with three ridiculously cute tabby kittens. It was nap time, and they were all lying on their backs. The kittens were snoozing away, looking happy and comfortable. They looked like they could spend the rest of the day like that — and they probably did! The puppy, however, was wide awake and looked ready to do other things, perhaps grabbing a bite to eat, saying hello to her human friends, playing with a ball, or just chasing her own tail. But for now, this puppy wasn’t going anywhere: she was determined not to disturb the kittens. One of the kittens woke up and stretched a bit but then nodded off again. Awhile later, the other two kittens were startled awake but they, too, go right back to sleep. The human parent who was filming this scene gave the puppy a few encouraging pats on the head, but she was still unwilling to wake up the kittens. Later on, we see that the kittens have moved around, but are still asleep. One of them is using the puppy’s neck as a pillow!

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