Construction Worker Was Clearing Branches Along Road. You’ll Never Guess What He Found.

If you thought that your cat or dog or any other pet put up too much of a fuss when you got ready to put them down (on the floor, not euthanasia… sheesh) after carrying them or having them on your lap, you have GOT to see this video. This takes feeling entitled to a whole new level. I’ve never seen anything like if before. It’s a good thing that this animal is SO cute, otherwise it would be annoying.

The scene shows a construction worker named Justin Lewis standing there cradling a fawn like a baby. He’d been clearing leaves and found the baby deer stuck underneath. So, he picked it up and carried it and began stroking its belly to calm it down. Well… that made the fawn happy. TOO happy. She didn’t want him to put her on the ground. When he did attempt to do it – and he did it twice in the video – she would let out a pleading sound that was very similar to “NOOOOO!”

Being the kind-hearted soul he was, Lewis then resumed stroking the deer. Hey, he also had a good excuse for not working. People often think that construction workers only stand around talking and drinking coffee. This guy was standing around petting a baby deer on the belly. BIG DIFFERENCE! Also, he probably didn’t want to get kicked by the hooves if the fawn got annoyed when he finally placed her on the ground.

Some people thought that he doomed the deer by putting his scent on it. Others thought that the deer was scared of him, and was frozen in fear. On the first thought, yes, the fawn might have to go into a sanctuary after this. Secondly, though, she was NOT scared. In fact, if you watch until the end of the video, she almost falls asleep in his arms. Does that seem like a scared animal to you?

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