Construction Workers Find A Letter To Santa From 1943 In A Chimney. What The Letter Says? Amazing!

Father Christmas is the traditional English name for the personification of Christmas. Until Victorian times, Father Christmas was concerned with adult feasting and merry-making. He had no particular connection with children, nor with the giving of presents, nocturnal visits, stockings or chimneys. But as later Victorian Christmases developed into child-centric family festivals, Father Christmas became a bringer of gifts.

A construction worker in England recently made quite the discovery while renovating an old building. As Lewis Shaw was tearing down an old chimney, he noticed a folded up piece of paper. He was shocked to find that the letter was actually addressed to “Father Christmas,” and was still in great condition despite its age.

While the note was similar to other letters to Santa, Shaw was touched by how humble the requests were. Here’s what the letter said:

Dear Father Christmas,

Please can you send me Rupert Annual and a drum, box of chalk, soldiers and Indians, slippers, silk tie, pencil box, any little toys you have to spare.

Love, David

After Shaw posted a photo of the letter to Facebook, he was able to track down the original owner.

While we’re not sure if the original owner ever received the gifts he asked for more than 70 years ago, Shaw and his crew decided to deliver some Christmas spirit. The 72-year-old letter was reunited with its author, David Haylock, along with all of the gifts he asked for back in 1943.

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