Construction Workers Try To Free A Trapped and Tangled Fawn, But WHOA! They Never Expected THIS!

Freeing an animal is always a dicey proposition. It might be so frightened that it won’t recognize what you’re doing. Once I saw a squirrel trapped in a window screen. I lifted up the screen so that it could climb out, but in the back of my mind, I saw an image of it leaping out on my face. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. But I did take a risk. The same could be said of these construction workers in this video.

They were doing work cleaning up for the power station to install electrical lines. They found a fawn trapped near a tree, wrapped in thorns. They freed him, but instead of bucking and insisting on being put down, the fawn let the construction workers rub his belly. Whoops. So much for the immediate return to nature.

Recently, I saw a piece about a deer that had gotten too friendly and wound up being put to sleep. Fortunately, this situation did not turn out similarly. The fawn’s mother was nearby, the workers put the fawn down and he ran over to Mommy, who did not do anything like rejecting him. The two went into the woods. So the construction workers got a bit of a break and got to play with nature some.

Still, they took a risk twice. They freed the fawn and then they inadvertently chanced that the fawn would become too acclimated to humans, which would not help them survive in the wilderness. All’s well that ends well… this time. Next time might be a completely different story, one that I hope wouldn’t turn tragic.

All that risk aside, I still really liked this video. How about you? Did you enjoy it? Leave a comment below!

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