Contractor Thinks Trooper Is Holding A Puppy. When He Gets Closer He Can’t Believe It

Our lives, as much as we may want to simplify them, are very hectic. The way jobs have evolved along with technology have made them packed with activities; there is always some errand to be run or some appointment to be made or someone to be supervised, emailed, etc. They are full of appointments, lunches, meetings, family, friends, children and loved ones competing to get a piece of our time. That makes it very difficult for us to actually get some time for ourselves and maybe just go for a walk, relax and read something, or just plain sleep.

Sometimes, however, we do get those moments when we can take a minute or two to reflect, maybe while we are stuck in traffic or while we are waiting for someone at an appointment or meeting, we then see something that either seems out of place or it is something we have to take a second look to see if what we are seeing is real.

Contractor John Gilroy had one of those moments. He was driving along Route 209 in Marshalls Creek, an area in Pennsylvania. Suddenly he notices three state troopers just standing on the roadside with what appeared to be a dog or puppy. He thought to himself that maybe the puppy was driving in one of the vehicles and then escaped through one of the windows, finding itself in the middle of traffic and had to go to the side of the road to seek shelter when he noticed three state troopers standing on the roadside with what appeared to be a dog. As he got closer, though, John realized the leashed animal wasn’t a puppy at all.

John knew that whatever animal it might be, it would be in trouble in no time, especially if it had gotten injured because of the hot weather, the animal was black, so black under the blazing sun was not a very good combination. Nevertheless, he decides to go there and get a closer look.

When he got closer, it turned out to be, not a dog, but a bear cub! The bear cub was walking on a leash held by one of the troopers as if it was a dog. The cub looked okay at first, so the officers decided to take him to the side of the road, where there was a grassed area so the cub could rest for a while.

After getting to the grass, the animal collapsed, the cub appeared to be dehydrated and in not so good shape. They knew that they needed to get it specialized veterinary attention. Before doing that, John remembered he had some bottles of water and towels in his truck, so he went to get them, soaked the towels in water and placed them on the cub’s head, which looked like it had also suffered some sort of trauma.