Conway Twitty’s Legacy Lives On Through His Son’s Stunning Version Of “Hello Darlin”

Conway Twitty has enjoyed a string of #1 hits throughout his decades long career. “Hello Darlin’”, however, is definitely his most well-known and memorable release.

Since Twitty passed away in 1993, his oldest son Michael has worked hard to keep his father’s legacy alive and well. When he covered his father’s hit song “Hello Darlin’”, he went a long way in keeping Twitty’s memory in our hearts.

Originally released in 1970 on an album of the same name “Hello Darlin’” was an instant classic. Twitty wrote and recorded this track himself, so it must have been extra exciting to see it named as the #1 song for the year of 1970. Twitty would often open shows with “Hello Darlin’”, a great way to warm up the audience.

While there’s no confirmation about who Twitty wrote the song about, there are a lot of clues. Twitty often shared the stage with country superstar Loretta Lynn while he played. Whenever she was with him while he sang “Hello Darlin’”, he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Michael gave an intimate performance of the song, onstage by himself with only a small crowd around him. You can see that many of the people in the crowd wear sweet smiles as they sing along to the classic. This cover would definitely make Twitty proud.

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