Cookie The Curious Penguin Is Searching The Whole Zoo For His Favorite Human

In The Cincinnati Zoo’s birdhouse, a tiny penguin named Cookie is stirring up some trouble. As the jittery bird goes on a hunt for his favorite handler, you won’t believe his excitement.

Cookie the penguin has one favorite pastime – receiving belly rubs from his bemused caregiver. The joy it brings him is almost enough to shake off his tail feathers, as seen in this hilarious clip.

As Cookie sets out on a hunt for tummy tickles, we can overhear one zoo employee discussing his unfortunate diagnosis of “bumblefoot,” hence his bandaged foot. But even a bad foot can’t stop Cookie from his relentless pursuit.

When he finally happens upon his target, his overflowing joy is almost too much for his little body to handle. As he erupts in an explosion of giggles and wiggles, we can’t help but laugh with him.