Coolest Lake Cabin Ever, Take A Peek Inside

When this family grew tired of living in the city, they decided to sell up and start a new life together in the country,  building the ultimate city escape, a tiny floating cabin which was constructed on pontoons.

We are located in Kerikeri, New Zealand, on a fantastic landscape with green pastures, some forest trees, and a small lake, this looks like a fairy tale.

Our guide Bryce introduces Careena and Chris, owners of this lovely floating house, as they tell us their story.

Careena starts talking about how life in the city was for her, with endless hours of traffic, stressing out and being unhappy, until one day, they both decided they have had enough and moved out.

Their dream was to have a quiet retirement that allowed them to be independent and away from noise, so naturally, they looked for some professional help to make the best choice.

Turns out finding the right thing takes some effort. As Chris tells us, they looked over many designs and concepts until they were presented with a floating house on the lake, they had found it!

Floating on six big pontoons, this tiny house bonds perfectly with the view, and mostly made out of wood, this house is 20 feet by 13 feet long, just enough to be spacious, and it is ready for sailing at any moment.

Next, we go inside the house, having an open area for a living room and kitchen and always facing that lake, there is no end to the beauty in this house.

Looking around the area we can also see some other buildings, this couple also has some roosters running around, and a crop with all sorts of greens, and adding to all that, they have a solar panel system that fuels the whole house with electricity.

A very important detail is the services, and Chris explains how he has a pump system that controls the water from the bathroom and sinks in and out of the building, incredibly, they have all the comforts of home.

As far as we have seen it, there’s one room lacking in this house: the bedroom, but on the 7:45 mark Chris reveals us where it has been all this time, he lowers a hidden ladder!

The fans were thrilled with this house, especially with the outside view. A viewer said “Thanks a lot Bryce for this beautiful video.  I’ve always admired people who have a vision and run with it.  This lovely couple definitely had a calling and responded with grace and fortitude to a masterful conclusion.  I wish them many years living their dream.  Take care, Bryce”.

Another viewer added “Absolutely love the property!  The cabin is cozy but just a little too small for me … This couple looks so peaceful and content, really nice listening to them”.

How do you like floating houses? Do you wish to take on an off-grid way of life like Careena and Chris? Or do you prefer keeping closer to the shiny city streets? Take a look at this video and decide for yourself.

Coolest Lake Cabin Ever, Take A Peek Inside