Coolest Houseboat You’ll Ever See, Take a Peek Inside

This video starts with a flyover of a beautiful, almost cottage-like, houseboat. The serene surroundings of the lake and trees – stunning. Then we get to the top – and the bubbling hot tub! I don’t know about you, but I am already all-in on this place.

Next, we go downstairs to take a glimpse of the kitchen, it’s incredible how spacious it is once you’re inside. Moreover, it comes with a big oven, a sink, plenty of cabinets, and a nice fridge. That kitchen has nothing to envy from the ones inland, especially being in the company of this fine furniture for the living area, you’ll want to invite your friends over right away.


Moving on with the tour we go to the bathroom; we can see a big bathtub with a shower, a toilet and a sink with a wide mirror, more than enough for you to freshen up after a long day. On top of that, in the same room, we see there are washing and drying machines to do the laundry without having to go back to land, that’s yet more time to spend on that Jacuzzi!

If you thought this house couldn’t be any better, on the 0:37 mark we visit the bedroom, it’s fantastic! The ceiling is illuminated with water reflections from the water outside. For those who like bringing some company on long trips, this house has other two beds in the guest room so you can fit a couple of friends comfortably.


This tiny house is certainly full of wonders, and you haven’t seen everything yet, what else is there to see? Viewers were stunned at this house and all the thought that was put into making it fit all the commodities you have at home. One fan said “Love the music! This looks like a park model made into a houseboat” This fellow wouldn’t think twice about spending some time on this wonder. Did you like The Tiny? Have you ever gone on a sailing trip? Would you like to spend a weekend on one of these? Go watch the video and make up your mind about it.

Coolest Houseboat You\'ll Ever See, Take a Peek Inside