A cop responds to a noise complaint about a crying baby. When he arrives…

My mother used to have a lot of parakeets. She loved birds and had an enormous collection of them. We had a big yard and she had an enclosure where these birds could roam free. She didn’t like cages, she felt they were cruel and took the bird’s spirit. At least, that’s what she thought. She had all sorts of birds and some of them did some very amazing things.

I remember she had a pair of crows and one thing I didn’t know they could do was talk. I had read something about this in an old book, but I thought that it was only a story about some isolated event. Remember that animals are capable of doing many things for the sake of survival. I am not sure why they learned to do this, but I am pretty sure that they were hiding from something.

There have been other things that animals like apes being able to learn abilities that can save them from harm or help them procure food in safer more efficient ways. There were some experiments conducted many years ago that were supposed to prove that you could teach apes to do almost anything, even communicate. Talking is obviously out of the question.

These scientists developed a sort of alphabet that was supposed to be easier to learn than our normal one. The language consisted of a series of signs, think of modern-ape sign language. They were three gorillas that undertook this training and they had superior results. One of them was actually very good at it and got scientists to think that he could learn more things.

This was obviously an artificial environment, but just how much can animals learn for their own sake? Are we seeing a new dawn in evolution? Most likely not. I mean there have been animals like parakeets that have been able to replicate our language quite accurately. Obviously, they don’t know what they are saying, although no one is really sure of this.

The next video is not only intriguing but also very funny. Some neighbors reported to the police that there was a baby that would never stop crying. The baby would be crying non-stop for hours without anyone doing much of anything to ease him. The police arrived at the home and were told everything was okay. But then, they heard the cry again. The police went to the other room to investigate and they saw THIS!