Cop Sees Pregnant Mom With Toddler Asleep On Sidewalk. His Heart Breaks When He Finds Out Why

Living in the street is a reality that has hit a lot of people recently. Housing does not come cheap. There are people that don’t seem to get a break in life. Unemployment has hit some people and they have been forced to go to shelters, so they can at least have somewhere to sleep. Shelters are usually overpopulated. When a person gets assigned to a shelter, they don’t stay there for a long time. It is usually a fixed period per person with maybe a couple of days extension.

At least it is better than living in the street. The problem is that people in a shelter who are not able to find a place to stay end up in the street anyway. There are not enough Government programs to meet all the needs. The usual places for people to go are parks. They offer at least a bench for someone to lie down. They cannot stay there for long because it is not allowed.

When you sleep in the street you are also easy prey for all sorts of crimes. From being robbed to being raped. This adds to the stress of living day to day. Sometimes homeless people ask for jobs, but not many people want to hire them. Most people don’t trust a person who is living in the street. They end up begging for whatever people want to give them. They spend many days without proper food. They eat whatever they can whenever they can.

Now, imagine that you are homeless with a child. There are many things that you can stand as an adult. A child is not very resilient. They get sick faster. They cannot stand extreme temperatures without getting sick. If they are school aged, going to school will not be possible. If you are ever in that position, getting out of it seems almost impossible.

Tommy Norman is a police officer from Arkansas. He was driving in his patrol car when he saw something that broke his heart. A woman was taking a nap on the sidewalk, not only did she have a toddler sleeping on top of her. She was also pregnant. He decided to look and see if the woman was ok.

He wakes up the woman who is homeless. She says was involved in a domestic abuse issue and escaped her home with her child. Her daughter is 2-years-old and she is pregnant with a baby that is due any day now. She has been homeless since March. The police officer takes her off the sidewalk. He knows he needs to do something to help her. You won’t believe what he does.