A cop shatters a car window to save a baby from a hot car only to learn it was a very bad call!

Police officers have a very tough job. Many times, they need to make life-changing decisions at a moment’s notice. So, when police got a call to report a baby alone in a car on a scorching summer day, they made sure they sent someone right away. The scorching summer heat had been responsible for many pets and even people losing their life or ending up in very bad shape as a result of having been left alone in a car.

Everything took place at a shopping center parking lot in New Hampshire. The officer arrived at the scene and located the vehicle. There, he saw a blanket that had been draped over the car seat. What shocked him was that he saw a set of tiny feet sticking out from under the blanket. The officer knew he needed to act fast because he didn’t know how long the baby had been there.

The temperature was very high and was well over 90 degrees and in the officer’s mind, he would need to break the car window and pull the baby to safety. Using his baton, he shattered the glass and pulled the child from the vehicle. By that time, some people had called an ambulance, but Jason (the officer) was worried it wouldn’t get there on time and the baby would pass away.

The officer was unaware, but the scene had begun to draw a large crowd who were also concerned about the child’s safety. The baby’s skin looked very pale and blotchy. The baby was obviously dehydrated which by itself and the extreme heat were major concerns. When he had the baby in his arms, he realized something that was mind-boggling. The baby was not only not even alive, and it actually looked like a super realistic doll. Actually, that’s what it was.

The officer then worked on locating the vehicle’s owner. Her name was Carolynne. She was also the owner of the doll. She had left her car for a while because she had gone to get a haircut at the local Super Cuts when all this went down. When she found out the damage that had been caused to her vehicle, she was very upset. Despite this, the officer chose to stand by his decision. He said he had no way of knowing that it was a doll.

Now that you see everything from the officer’s point of view, consider this: How would you know that an expensive and realistic doll would be sitting in a car on a scorching summer day? And most importantly, what was it doing inside? I am sure you can’t wait to find out what happened next!