Cop shatters window to save baby from hot car. Pulls her out, learns he’s made horrible mistake

The blazing sun and babies left in the car are not a good combination. There have been cases where people have forgotten their babies in cars have been very common. This often ends in tragedy as the heat and a closed vehicle make temperatures rise in seconds. A baby is no match for this heat and at times the fact that they are left secured in their seat doesn’t make it any better.

At times police officers don’t make it on time. They arrive when it is too late. People are urged to contact the police even if it is only a suspicion. Fortunately, people have responded in a positive manner. Officers say that if they can save even one life, then this whole effort is worth it.

One day, a 911 call is placed regarding a baby. Apparently, the baby has been left alone in a vehicle on a hot summer day. Police lieutenant Jason Short responds to the call. When he finds out the details he rushes to scene. He springs into action immediately. Everything is happening in a shopping center parking lot in New Hampshire. Short arrives at the vehicle, he sees a blanket that has been draped over the car seat and a set of tiny feet sticking out from underneath.

The temperature is rising rapidly and the police officer doesn’t know how long the baby has been there. By this time, it has reached 90 degrees. In Jason’s mind, the next step is a no brainer. He breaks the window of the vehicle. He reaches for the baby and pulls him or her to safety. An ambulance is summoned and Jason is worried that the child has already passed away. The child has been exposed to the oppressive heat.

A lot of people started to gather around the car. Some of them with their cell phones out, ready to record what is unraveling. Everyone is worried that the child has suffered some irreversible injuries. The baby’s skin is very pale by this time. This has people thinking that she was deprived of oxygen. Short begins to apply CPR, but nothing seems to be happening. He is giving it all his best and it has no effect on the child. Not only was the baby not alive, it actually looks like a realistic-looking doll.

The owner of the vehicle is Carolynne. She is also the owner of the doll. She is actually in the process of receiving a haircut at the local Super Cuts. She is totally unaware that all of this is going on. She is upset at the officer’s decision of breaking the car window. The officer stands by his decision to rescue the “baby”. What would you have done?