A cop is stunned when he sees a mysterious figure run towards him!

Police officers handle the most difficult and risky situations. They sometimes see danger heading towards them and must make split-second decisions. Just like the officer in the following video. A couple of officers were driving down a highway in Oregon one day. Normally, these police officers are prepared for anything that comes their way.

But despite their preparation, they could never have expected what happened next. They are normally aware that motorists can be distressed and that they might be heading their way. Pedestrians would not normally pose any threat to them. At times they will be approached by one of them and it will only be a matter of asking for directions.

This time, it would be an exception as the person was walking right down the middle of the highway. They thought of many things when they saw him. Maybe he was intoxicated with alcohol or drugs and was not aware of where he was. When the officers saw him, their hearts dropped. Whenever they get approached it is always an adult needing some sort of assistance.

They would never expect a child to be walking along a deserted road, but that’s exactly what they were seeing. This is a big lesson for any driver. At times when we see a deserted road and we are driving very late, we don’t expect anything to be in the middle of it. This is why we need to exercise caution and drive carefully. We never know what or who we might find.

The child sees the officer and runs towards him. The police officer sees the child and scoops him up before any harm could come to him. The officer reacted in the nick of time because there was a semi-truck which was driving at a very fast speed towards the child. When it’s that late, drivers who are driving such heavy vehicles have a tough time seeing small children and braking on time.

It turns out that the child was not running away from home as the officer thought at the beginning. The thing is that the boy and his parents were attending a gathering with some of their friends and the boy had gotten lost. He was trying to find them but being so dark, it was very tough to see more than 3 feet ahead of you without any lights.

The police officers found out what the problem was as soon as the child told them, but they still had to coordinate a search. They radioed the other officers to see if someone had reported a missing child, but they were told there were no reports. The police officers then coordinated a search to the boy’s parents. Will they get to them on time?