This Little Boy’s Mom Is In Heaven, But What The Cop Said To Him Left Me In Tears

Parents tend to be the most important and influential people in their children’s lives. As the primary caregivers and guardians of their kids, parents determine how their child will turn out when they grow up, raising them to uphold certain values and be the best they can be. Losing a parent can be extremely hard on a child. It can leave a huge void in one’s life to suddenly be missing a piece of your family that you cherished so deeply.

When this little boy lost his mother to cancer, he was only five years of age. Not sure what to do, his instincts told him to call 911 and ask for help. Likely knowing her trip to the hospital would be one where she did not return, the mother told her children to stay at home and wait for her to get back. She probably didn’t want them to see her die.

When the sad, scared little boy called 911 to find out where she was, the police officer on the other end of the phone was a little irked and confused. However, as the little boy explained more and more of the situation to him, the man softened up and tried to be as gentle and compassionate as possible.

Based on the officer’s advice, the little boy started tying heartfelt messages to red balloons, releasing them and allowing them to float up toward the sky afterwards. Missing her intensely, the little boy continued sending these messages to his mom for days, but that wasn’t all he was going to do. Watch his conversation with the officer unfold and see how the man went above and beyond to offer kindness to this little boy. Then, share this touching video with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments!