Cop unfairly reported as ‘abusive’ after he told animal abuser to wait in hot car

Shelly Nicholas filed a dishonest report against a cop who wrote her a ticket for leaving her dog in a car without ventilation on a hot day. The temperature was 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

She told the news that Office Kreischer had ordered her to sit in her car with the doors closed and windows rolled up with no air conditioning until he finished his paperwork.

Reporters checked Kreischer’s lapel cam footage and saw that Nicholas was not taking the matter seriously. Kreischer said she could get in her car, but he didn’t order or demand her to.

She merely laughed when Kreischer told her that it was scalding outside and it was against the law to leave a dog in a vehicle without any ventilation whatsoever.

Nicholas insisted it wasn’t hot, and she wasn’t gone for that long. Kreischer suggested that if she thinks that, she can wait in the car until he finishes writing her up.

Nicholas left her dog for 10 minutes while she was shopping. The dog could have suffered heatstroke, and thankfully Kreischer noticed the crime. Its punishment can range from Class 1 misdemeanor to imprisonment.

Kreischer used a chart to estimate that the temperature was around 114 degrees inside the vehicle. When a news reporter reached out to Nicholas and asked about the footage, Nicholas said she was too busy to answer.

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Cop unfairly reported as ‘abusive’ after he told animal abuser to wait in hot car