9-Year-Old Irish Girl Lights Up The Stage Singing “Don’t Rain On My Parade” Like A Diva 50 Years Before Her Time

The universe of “Got Talent” got a shot in the arm when a dynamic 9-year-old girl took to center stage for her audition. Her name is Cora Harkin you’ll be captivated by her spectacular performance. This girl is headed for great things! Broadway, here she comes.

The talented little signer sported a dramatic pompom accent and chose to sing the nostalgic 1964 hit, “Don’t Rain On My Parade.” This was a risky choice since even seasoned professionals don’t always carry it off.

As Cora commenced her audition she looked calm and full of confidence. And we soon discovered why. She really made that classic song her own! This little girl has a voice mature beyond her years and possesses enviable control. She absolutely smashed it!

Cora earned a standing ovation, with the judges and the audience on their feet. The judges were full of praise for Cora, with positive and encouraging comments. Nobody has heard the last of Cora Harkin!

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9-Year-Old Irish Girl Lights Up The Stage Singing \