Corgi puppy meets mini pumpkin – his “attack” has the internet gushing!

There’s little doubt that puppies are up there with the cutest thing on the planet, as you only have to look at the countless numbers of videos of the little darlings doing the most outrageous and adorable things. Human babies can be fun, kittens aren’t bad, but we think that it’s puppies that consistently take the cute crown – and this little corgi is here to prove it!

While pups have that adorable side, they can also be a real pain for their mommy and daddy owners as they’re growing up. Just ask anyone who’s ever had one from that age and they’ll tell you stories of chewed slippers, destroyed couches, gnawed cell phones, poop on the rug and teeth marks on just about anything they can get their little jaws around! But we still adore them nonetheless!

It’s wonderful then, that in the age we live in, we can capture these beautifully silly creatures doing what they do best and enjoy those moments even when our faithful friends reach their twilight years. And the footage of this little corgi is right up there with the cutest you could ever hope to see!

Who would have thought that a mini pumpkin would cause such a problem? It’s almost as bad as those cats against cucumber videos! It seems our family pets have taken issue with regular vegetables and have become increasingly suspicious of them. That’s when this pup decides to attack! His adorable sparring match with an inanimate object has got the internet rolling in the aisles. The video has been watched over 4 million times and rightly so – we doubt you’ll find anything nearly this cute for a while. Unless of course you just watch more puppy videos – which is probably the best ever way to spend an afternoon!

Corgis were originally bred to herd animals, and as one YouTube commenter writes, this little guy probably just wanted the pumpkin to move! His efforts will make you smile from ear to ear – especially when he does a combination of barking and pawing! The poor little thing is so confused – and his stumpy legs don’t quite reach far enough to do anything about it!

Watch this captivating footage below and share with loved ones who could use some cheering up! Don’t miss this beautiful little corgi pup go up against a tiny pumpkin because it’s the video you never realized you needed in your life until now!