“These Precious Corgi Pups Gather ‘Round For Some REALLY Royal Treatment!”

On Wednesday September 9th, Queen Elizabeth II became Britain’s longest reigning monarch. Everyone who is familiar with Britain’s iconic figure knows that Elizabeth is quite fond of dogs, especially her darling Corgis.

In fact, over the course of her long, long life she has been “queen mommy” to 30 Corgis — all descended from one called “Susan” Today, however she just has two remaining and you better believe she loves them dearly.

In honor of Her Majesty and the four-legged cuties often trotting along beside her, we invited four corgis to join us for a fancy little tea party.

Ok, so I admit this is less a “tea” party and more like a “just-water-and-dog-biscuits” party. At least they broke out the good porcelain.

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