This Corgi Wants To Play With His New Friend. But When You See Those Two Together? ADORABLE!

Dogs can be some of the most energetic and playful you can ever have. Most owners know when their friend is in the mood for play, since each dog has its own way of showing it. They can be very insistent with their playfulness, doing everything necessary to get their friends to mess around with them. You’ll see the perfect example for this in the video featured below. In it, we meet an adorable Corgi called Tucker, who is desperate to play with his little human friend, Beau.

The little baby can’t even stand by himself yet, but this dog doesn’t mind that at all. He barks and rolls around to call his attention, and when you see how what the dog does after that, you’ll be convinced he’s the best friend a baby can have! Even in his excitement, he still behaves carefully with the baby, and Beau himself is confident with him. He doesn’t seem scared at all! You have to see them for yourself, they look adorable together.

Don’t miss this cute and funny moment, in the video we put below. Don’t you think they’re the cutest? Share your thoughts and feelings with us in a comment! We love to hear you out.

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