She couldn’t believe what he was doing in her garden, now the world is in awe

Not everyone loves their job. For many, we at least enjoy working in relative comfort. Some get to dress smart and sit in an air-conditioned office while others are lucky enough to work at home, acting as their own boss and choosing what they actually want to do. For other people like utility worker Jimmie Cox, working life sometimes throws up tasks that nobody is keen to dive into. As a homeowner with a broken water pipe found out, the Texan native isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty.

The busted pipe was causing a complete mess in the homeowner’s garden, flooding the grass with murky, brown water. Unable to figure out the source of the problem, some people may have stood back and scratched their head. In true dedication to his craft, Jimmie dove headfirst into the abyss! As his customer emerged from her house to find Jimmie submerged waist-deep in the water, she got quite a shock. After first ensuring that he was okay, she had something to ask.

Telling Jimmie that her husband would never believe her if she told him about Jimmie’s exploits, the lady asked the young man if he minded her taking a photo of him hard at work. Giving the green light, Jimmie dove back in, sinking his entire torso to get the job done while the homeowner gleefully got the snap that would earn Jimmie global recognition.

With his mouth shut tight, Jimmie braved the filthy water long enough to get the job done. Soon after, the photo went viral, bringing the tale to the attentions of Mike Rowe. The presenter of popular CNN show, Somebody’s Gotta Do It, who is known as Mr. Dirty Jobs decided to reach out to Jimmie as he had a burning question that was surely on the minds of most people.

Seeing the color of the water so dark and brown, the fear many had was that this was a sewage line. Thankfully Jimmie was able to confirm that “it was just a broken water pipe…this time!”
The praise didn’t stop there though as Wrangler picked up on the fact Jimmie was sporting a pair of their jeans and, so they decided to reward his efforts with a year’s supply of jeans!

This is one true grafter with a can-do attitude! I think this world needs more people like this, don’t you think? Have a look at the incredible lengths Jimmie goes to in the video below.