I Couldn’t Believe What This Parrot Was Telling His New Best Friend

Cats and dogs aren’t the only pets that can be very pampered. Exotic bird enthusiasts are known for going to great lengths to provide their beloved birds everything that they could ever need to be happy, and the video below is a great example of this. Marnie’s parents decided to give him a new toy to add to his special collection of stuffed animals. He has one kind that he loves above all the rest!

The bird in this video is Marnie, and well, he’s just a little bit spoiled by his owners. Okay, he’s spoiled a lot by his owners! Marnie has a special collection of rabbit stuffed animals, and he absolutely loves it! His owners noticed that he loved to receive stuffed animals as presents, but when he started receiving rabbits, that’s when things got really interesting. This might sound a little bit weird for you, but if you don’t believe me, look no further than the video we brought to show you today. This parrot is obsessed with rabbits and clearly knows one when he sees one. He only eyes for rabbits after he received the first one.

Marnie’s reaction to getting his new toy is absolutely out of this world! Instead of being aggressive towards the toy, however, he started giving him kisses! And the moment when he asks for a kiss back? I certainly didn’t expect something like that to happen!

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