I Couldn’t Believe How This Woman Reacted When A Wolf Walks Right Up To Her!

Unlike dogs, that are domesticated, all wolves are wild. They are beautiful creatures to be sure but that also very dangerous but typically they don’t mix well with humans and they find it difficult to socialize with us. The wolves in this video are a little bit more sociable than most.

Kekoa has many human friends and Danielle, who is featured in this video, is one of his most favorite humans in the whole world. Kekoa lives at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Centre, where Danielle works.

Danielle has extensive experience dealing with wolves and knows just how to act around them. It’s hard to watch this video and believe that is not somehow fake. Wolf is so big and so calm around Danielle that it seems like he must be computer-generated or something. But of course this is a real wolf and a real relationship that was developed over time.

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